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Editors' Note: This is our listing of all the study groups offered previously as the SAGE curriculum.
We are open to suggestions by our members concerning omissions and corrections.

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10 Buildings That Changed America Spring 2014
17th & 18th Century Art Winter 2009
20th Century European Art Spring 1996
American Artists Spring 2012
Ancient Western Art Fall 1998
Architecture - Frank Lloyd Wright Summer 2008
Art & Literature in the Jazz Age Spring 2005
Art History ­ Part One Winter 1995
Art History ­ Part Two Spring 1995
Art History V ­ European 20th Century Spring 1996
Art of Russia Winter 2015
Art of the 17th & 18th Century Fall 1995
Celebrating Frank Lloyd Wright Summer 2017
Dutch Golden Age Painters Spring 2016
European Art ­ 1st half of 20th Century Winter 2000
European Art of the 19th Century Winter 1996
Fashion Designers Summer 2009
German Expressionism Winter 2010
10 Buildings That Changed America Spring 2014
Great Churches - Masterpieces of Architecture & Faith Spring 2016
Great Photographers and Their Amazing Work Summer 2016
History of Western Art ­ Part 2 Spring 1995
History of Western Art ­ Part 3 Spring 1999
History of Western Art ­ Part 4 - 19th Century Fall 1999
Impressionism in Music, Art, & Literature Spring 2001
Impressionist Painters and Their Art Winter 2015
Landscape Painting Spring 2009
Made in California: Visual Arts and Artists of California Spring 2017
Non-Western Art History Spring 1997
Past 100 Years of American Art Winter 1997
Photojournalists Summer 2018
Prehistoric Painting Spring 1992
Revolution in Architecture & Design Spring 1998
Spanish Art: Golden Age and Beyond Fall 2018
Thought Provoking Art and Artists Winter 2019
Twentieth Century Art Fall 2015
Unique Buildings of Los Angeles Fall 2015
Visionary Architects Winter 2019
Women Artists Summer 2006
Women Artists ­ 20th Century to Present Winter 2006
Women Artists Before 1900 Fall 2005


American Moguls Fall 2009
Behavioral Economics -- Why Do We DO What We Do? Spring 2015
BRIC Countries: Brazil, Russia, India, and China Summer 2013
Companies That Made America Great Summer 2013
Debt Crisis Spring 2012
Decisions: Radical Choices that Changed the Course of Business Spring 2017
History of the Stock Market Fall 2010
How Ancient Legal Systems Influenced Our Laws Fall 2017
Media Giants Who Shaped American Politics and Culture Fall 2017
Money-Money Summer 1998
Upstart Businesses: The New Economy Winter 2015
U. S. Economy Supremacy vs China and India -- For How Long? Summer 2015


Africa Spring 2008
Africa Winter 2008
Blacklisted By The Huac, Joe Mccarthy and Their Aftermath Fall 2015
Comparing U.S. Foreign Policy Problems Fall 2012
Debt Crisis - Is it as Bad as They Say? Spring 2012
Dictators Fall 2008
Dilemmas for Mayors of Cities: The Best and Worst Mayors Fall 2017
Famous Political Losers & Also-Rans Fall 2010
Foreign Policy Fall 2002
Foreign Policy Spring 2008
Foreign Policy Winter 1995
Great Decisions Summer 2008
Great Decisions Summer 2010
Great Decisions Summer 2012
Great Decisions Summer 2014
Hot Topics & Living History Spring 1990 to Winter 2019
In The News Summer 2012
In The News Summer 2014
Iran at the Crossroads Fall 2006
Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Today Spring 2014
L.A. Noir: True Los Angeles Crime Legends Summer 2012
Political "ISMS" Spring 2012
Political Cartoons Fall 2006
Political Parties Spring 2012
Presidential Elections of 2016 Summer 2016 - Fall 2016
Push & Pull of Politics & Religion Fall 2010
Ten Crisis of Our Time Fall 2012
Terrorism Winter 2002
The Press Summer 2008
Think Tanks & Foundations Fall 1996
Think Tanks & Foundations Spring 2004
Third Parties in the United States Spring 2012
Tumult in World Affairs Spring 2013
Two Koreas Spring 2011
Will My Vote Count? Winter 2008


100 Years of Innovation Winter 2000
1491 New Revelation of the Americas Before Columbus Winter 2013
17th Century England Spring 1993
1915 - The Most Extraordinary Year! Fall 2015
1916: an Extraordinary Year Fall 2016
1917: What Happened 100 Years Ago? Fall 2017
1918: What Happened 100 Years Ago? Fall 2018
1950s in the USA Spring 2016
1968 - A Year to Remember Fall 2008
1970s, A Decade of Transition Winter 2018
1980s Fall 2018
20th Century Movers & Shakers Summer 1991
About India Winter 2010
Africa -- 5000 Years of History Fall 2018
Age of Enlightenment Summer 2001
Alaska Summer 2004
Amendments of the Constitution of the United States: Past, Present, and Future Winter 2018
American Colonial History Winter 1995
American Colonial History - Part 2 Spring 1995
American Growth and Decline Spring 2018
American Identity: Landmark Supreme Court Cases Spring 2016
American Presidents' Critical Decisions  Winter 2001
American Rhodes Scholars Winter 2018
Americans & the California Dream Spring 2003
America's Great Protest Movements Spring 2016
America's National Historic Trials Summer 2010
America's Native Tribes Fall 2011
America's Wars - Necessary Or Not? Fall 2017
Ancient & Modern Wonders of the World Spring 1998
Ancient Civilizations Summer 2002
Ancient Civilizations Summer 1999
Ancient Egypt Summer 1990
Ancient Empires Spring 2013
Anthropology Winter 1993
Arab Nations Spring 2003
Assembling Southern California Fall 2005
Autobiography of a River Fall 2008
Australia - America's Sister Nation Fall 2017
Balkans: Tinderbox of Europe Winter 1999
Battles That Changed the Course of History Spring 2012
Betrayal of American Democracy  Fall 1992
Biography of a Year Spring 2011
British Monarchy Spring 2018
Bronze Age Summer 1996
Byzantine Empire Winter 1994
California Cities - What's in a Name? Summer 2018
California History Spring 2008
California History Summer 1994
Californios Winter 2019
Cataclysmic Events That Affect the World Fall 2003
Celebrating the Lincoln Bicentennial Spring 2009
Celts Summer 1999
Central Asia Summer 2000
Challenge to Major Cities Winter 2001
China - the Rising Giant, Again Winter 2007
China - Part 2 Fall 1998
China - Past, Present, and Future Fall 2012
Cities of the Ancient World Summer 2005
Civil War Fall 2003
Civil War Winter 2004
Collapse Fall 2005
Conspiracy Theories and World Domination Fall 2012
Critical Turning Points in World History Spring 2015
Crusades Winter 2002
Cuba: History, Politics, and Culture Summer 2013
Cultures of Southeast Asia Fall 1994
Dawn of Medieval Europe, 476 -- 918 Winter 2019
Day That Changed History Fall 1993
Decisive Military Battles that Shaped History Winter 2019
Democracy -- The Worst Form of Government (Except for all the Rest) Spring 2015
Dictators of the 20th Century Winter 2003
Dirtiest Campaigns in U. S. History Winter 2014
Disasters Mutinies, and (Mis)Adventures at Sea Spring 2015
Early American Women Winter 2005
Early Russia Winter 1994
Egypt: Where It Has Been, Where It Is, and Where It Is Going Spring 2013
England: 1066 to 1405 Winter 1996
Evolution and Impact of Large American Cities Summer 2015
Evolution of Our Alphabet Winter 1997
Evolution of Transportation Summer 2015
Fall of the Roman Empire Winter 2018
Famous Assassinations and How They Changed History Summer 2013
Famous Native Americans Summer 2008
Famous Fires and Industrial Accidents And Their Aftermaths. Spring 2017
Favorite and/or Historical Cities Around the World Fall 2017
Favorite Cities & Regions Spring 2010
FBI and CIA Directors Summer 2018
Federalism vs. Statism: A History of U. S. Tensions Winter 2014
Former Soviet Satellites After 1989 Winter 2014
Former USSR Fall 1992
France From Charlemagne to the French Revolution Spring 1993
French Revolutions And Napoleon (Part 1) Fall 2015
French Revolutions And Napoleon (Part 2) Winter 2016
From Silk Road to Silicon Valley Fall 2018
Germany - Part I Winter 2000
Germany - Part II Spring 2000
Germany - Part III Fall 2000
Germany - Part IV Winter 2001
Glory that Was Greece Spring 1992
Golden Age of Paris Summer 1994
Great Cities of the World Spring 1999
Great Communicators Summer 1995
Great Debates and Controversies Throughout History Winter 2017
Great Decisions Summer 2014
Greatest Explorers and Exploration Winter 2019
Healing of America Winter 2015
Helluva Town Summer 2011
Heroes & Villains of the Italian Renaissance Fall 1994
Hidden Turning Points of History Winter 1992
Hinges of History Spring 2014
History of a US City Fall 2008
History of American Political Parties Summer 2016
History of England Before 1955 Fall 1995
History of Flight Spring 1996
History of France 1789 - 1815 Fall 1993
History of Human Flight and Aviation Spring 2015
History of Mexico Summer 2001
History of Mexico - Part 2 Fall 2001
History of Organized Crime in the US Winter 2015
History of the United Kingdom from the Norman Conquest (1066) to the War of the Roses (1485) Winter 2018
History of Sex in the Last Century Spring 2005
History of the Modern World Fall 2006
History of the Modern World 1890 to 1910 Winter 2001
History of the U.S. Cabinet Spring 2017
History of Turkey Spring 2001
History's Fakes, Frauds, Forgeries, and Hoaxes -- Who and Why? Summer 2015
History's Strangest Royals and Princes of the Church Summer 2017
History's Great Explorers Fall 2013
Holy Roman Empire Winter 1998
How the U. S. Makes War Fall 2012
Imperial Russia Summer 1992
India - Part I Spring 1999
India - Part II Fall 1999
India - Part III Winter 2000
India --Its Past, Present, and Future Fall 2018
Indians of Northwest America Fall 2002
Intrigue of What is Beneath a City Winter 2010
Invaders, Marauders, & Conquerors Fall 1992
Isms Spring 2018
Israeli - Palestinian Conflict - Part One Spring 2014
Israeli - Palestinian Conflict - Part Two Summer 2014
Italy from 1200 to Unification Spring 1992
Jazz Age (aka Roaring Twenties) Winter 2019
Jefferson, Marshall, Burr and Hamilton 1800-1807 Spring 2014
Jerusalem: "It Ain't Necessarily So" Spring 2013
Jewel in the Crown: The Rise and Fall of the British Empire in India Winter 2017
Journalists and Their Impact on American History Winter 2015
Leading up to World War I 1900 --1914 Summer 2014
Legacy of Rome Spring 2011
Let's look at Tibet Winter 2019
Lost Cities of the Ancient World Winter 1995
Machiavelli Fall 1987
Major American Reformers Summer 2012
Majority and Minority Leaders in the Senate and House Summer 2017
Making of the United States Constitution Winter 2013
Manifest Destiny Spring 2004
March of Folly Fall 2001
Maritime History Spring 1992
Masters of War -- History's Greatest Strategic Thinkers Spring 2016
Mexico Then & Now Spring 2010
Middle Ages Spring 1988
Middle East Summer 1996
Mistakes that Changed World History Summer 2015
Modern Entrepreneurs Fall 2014
Mysterious Middle East Summer 1991
Native Americans in the Southwest Spring 2003
Native Americans in the Southwest Summer 1994
Neither Saints nor Sinners Fall 2013
Neophytes of the World Spring 1994
Nineteen Thirties Winter 2006
Nobel Peace Prizes Fall 2017
Our US Military…Whither Thou? Fall 2013
Paris in the 1920s Fall 2013
Peace Treaties And Their Aftermath Fall 2015
People Who Made a Difference & Changed the World Spring 2011
Pharaohs & Pyramids Spring 1994
Plains Indians Spring 1995
Postwar Europe 1945-1971 Winter 2015
Postwar Europe 1971-Present Spring 2015
Power Behind the Throne Summer 2013
Presidents and Their Military Leaders Summer 2013
Presidents Who Died in Office Summer 2006
Prominent Women in Early American History Summer 2008
Queen Victoria: Her Life, Her Times, Her Empire Fall 2009
Rails West Winter 2013
Raising of a President Summer 2011
Real George Washington Winter 2015
Rebellions Summer 2016
Reconstruction Era - 1865 to 1870 Winter 2010
Reconstruction Era II Spring 2010
Red Scare: Fear Mongering American Anticommunism in the 1940s & 1950s Winter 2016
Remarkable 1980s -- Examining a Decade Fall 2014
Revolution Winter 2005
Revolutions and Rebellions Summer 2016
Rise & Fall of Great Powers Fall 1995
Rise & Fall of Great Powers Winter 1991
Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia. Fall 2016
Rise of American's Surveillances Fall 2014
Rivers & Civilizations Fall 1990
Rivers & Civilizations Winter 1996
Roaring Twenties Fall 2010
Robber Barons Summer 1996
Roman Empire Winter 1989
Roman History through the Republic Fall 1997
Roman History through the Republic Winter 1997
Roots of War, Seeds of Sorrow Spring 1994
Russia - Part I Summer 2001
Russia - Part II Fall 2001
Russia - Part III Winter 2002
Russia - Part IV Spring 2002
Scandals in Washigton D.C. Winter 2017
Scandals Through the Ages Fall 2002
See the Wonders of the USA Fall 2008
Seeds of WW I Fall 2008
Sex, Drugs, and Rock /n Roll: We Made It Through the 1960s Winter 2017
Slavery -- It's History and Legacy Spring 2016
Spain in the 20th Century Fall 1999
Speakers of the House of Representatives Spring 2016
Surviving the Odds -- The Story of Poland Fall 2012
They Also Ran Winter 2014
They Dared to Make Nations Fall 2010
They Dared to Make Nations Spring 2003
Time Machine Summer 2002
Titans of the Press Summer 2004
Trade Labor Unions - Past, Present, Future Winter 2013
Turkey, Still at the Crossroads Winter 2006
Turning Points in American History Fall 2013
Understanding Russia -- From Peter The Great To Putin Winter 2016
U.S. Presidential Scandals Summer 2011
U.S. Presidents: Chiefs of Staff Spring 2017
U.S. Presidents: The Best? The Worst? Spring 2014
U. S. Indian Policy and Relations - A Trail if Tears Summer 2017
Unsolved Mysteries Summer 2012
Vice Presidents of the USA, Obscurity or Path to Power Fall 2016
Vietnam Wars Fall 2004
Was this War Necessary Spring 2005
Waterways of the World Summer 2018
Westward Ho! The Settlement of the American West Spring 2012
What If? Fall 2014
Whatever Happened to Prominent Players in the American Revolution Who Did Not Become President? Fall 2016
Why War? Fall 2010
Wild West: Myth or Reality Summer 2006
Women In American Politics Winter 2019
Women Leaders of the World Fall 2013
Women Who Made a Difference Spring 2015
World Heritage Sites Spring 2001
World's Worst Decisions Fall 2018
Dawn of Medieval Europe, 476 -- 918 Winter 2019
Women in American Politics Winter 2016


Amendments to the US Constitution Summer 1995
Amendments to the US Constitution Summer 2002
Bill of Rights Spring 1993
Chief Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court Winter 2013
Constitution Convention of 1787 Spring 2010
Constitutional Issues Fall 2004
Controversial Decisions of the Supreme Court Fall 1999
Crime, Punishment, & Society Fall 1996
Did the Punishment Fit the Crime? Fall 1991
Famous Supreme Court Decisions Summer 2012
Famous Trials Spring 2001
Famous Trials Summer 2002
Famous Trials Winter 2014
Great Trials of History Fall 1999
Legal Systems of the World Spring 2008
Making of the U.S. Constitution Winter 2012
Second Amendment and Mass Homicides Summer 2013
Significant Supreme Court Decisions Spring 1996
Supreme Court Summer 2006
Supreme Court Cases & Decisions Winter 2006
Supreme Court Justices Winter 2009
Supreme Court Rulings Spring 2007


Absalom, Absalom Spring 2012
African Trilogy Fall 2013
Alice Munro Fall 2014
American History Through Fiction Fall 1994
American Minority Writers -- 20th Century Winter 2010
American Short Stories Summer 2004
Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes Fall 2017
Ascent of Man Fall 2004
Beowulf Fall 2002
Beowulf Summer 2005
Best American Short Stories Spring 2011
Best American Short Stories Summer 2016
Biographies since 1980 Spring 1993
Bleak House Fall 2016
Canterbury Tales Spring 2011
Charles Dickens & His World Winter 1993
Chaucer's Canterbury Tales Spring 2002
Chekov Fall 2006
Chekov Plays Spring 2018
Coriolanus & Comedy of Errors Winter 2013
Crime and Punishment Fall 2018
Dante's Inferno Fall 2011
Dickens: Dombey and Son Winter 2013
Doctor Faustus Fall 2010
Doris Lessing's The Golden Notebook Fall 2017
Durant Fall 2002
Durant Spring 2002
Durant Spring 2003
Durant Spring 2004
Durant Winter 2003
Durant Winter 2005
Fairies & Fairy Tales Winter 1993
Faust by Goethe Winter 1992
Faust, Part I Fall 2001
Faust, Part II Summer 2002
Fielding: Joseph Andrews Summer 2013
Folklore & Mythology Summer 1997
Great American Short Stories Summer 2012
Greek and Roman Mythology Winter 2014
Greek Mythology Fall 2008
Greek Mythology Summer 2000
Gulliver's Travels Winter 2014
Hawthorne's Short Stories Summer 2012
Hemingway: The Sun Also Rises & The Old Man and the Sea Winter 2013
Henry James' The Ambassadors Fall 2018
Herman Melville's Moby Dick Winter 2015
Huckleberry Finn Summer 2015
Independent People Winter 2019
Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain Summer 2018
Joyce's Portrait and Dubliners Summer 2012
Jude the Obscure Spring 2010
Kafka's The Trial and The Metamorphosis Fall 2012
Lady Chatterley's Lover and Sons & Lovers Winter 2007
Legends & Myths Summer 1995
Lesser Known Plays of Henrik Ibsen Spring 2012
Life on the Mississippi Fall 2009
Literary Feuds Summer 2003
Literary Satire Summer 2003
Literary Satire Winter 1995
Literature of our Youth Spring 2003
Lord of the Rings Fall 2004
Love in the Time of Cholera Fall 2009
Macbeth the Play and the Opera Spring 2017
Magic Mountain Spring 2018
Major American Plays of the Twentieth Century Spring 2016
Masterpieces of Literature - Edna Ferber's Giant Spring 2015
Masterpieces of Literature -- Gilgamesh Summer 2016
Masterpieces of Literature - Macado De Assis Fall 2015
Masterpieces of Literature -- The Name of the Rose Spring 2016
Masterpieces of Literature - Oliver Goldsmith and Samuel Johnson Fall 2014
Masterpieces of Literature Romain Rolland and Hermann Hesse Winter 2015
Masterpieces of Literature -- The World's Greatest Short Stories Summer 2014
Masterpieces of Literature - Thomas Wolfe's You Can't Go Home Again Winter 2016
Masterpieces of Literature - The World's Greatest Short Stories Summer 2015
Middlemarch Fall 2006
Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie winter 2017
Moby Dick & The Whaling Industry Winter 2008
Myths & Mythology Summer 2001
Night Trilogy by Elie Wiesel Summer 2017
Our Mutual Friend Winter 2009
Ovid's Metamorphoses Winter 2016
Pere Goriot & Eugenie Grandet Spring 2013
Philip Roth's American Pastoral Fall 2015
Pickwick Papers Summer 2011
Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man Fall 2017
Restoration Comedies Spring 2014
Russian Authors Winter 1993
Sapiens Spring 2018
Seven Deadly Sins Summer 2010
Shakespeare & Verdi: Othello Winter 2014
Shakespeare's Last Plays Spring 2016
Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and Antony and Cleopatra Spring 2015
Short Stories Summer 2013
Short Stories by Edgar Allen Poe Winter 2017
Slaughterhouse Five and Catcher in the Rye Fall 2014
Song of Solomon & Beloved Spring 2008
Sound & Fury Winter 2010
Southern Renaissance Literature Summer 2008
Steinbeck Novels: Cannery Row and The Winter of Our Discontent Winter 2014
Steinbeck Novels: East of Eden and Tortilla Flat Spring 2014
Tale of Genji Spring2014
The Death of Artemio Cruz and Jacques the Fatalist Spring2014
The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad Summer 2018
Tom Jones, A Foundling by Henry Fielding Summer 2017
Tristan Shandy Summer 1997
Ulysses Spring 2007
Vanity Fair Fall 2012
Wilde, Oscar Spring 2002
Works of Wallace Stegner Spring 2006
Writings of Sholom Aleichem Fall 2012


Aging & Ageless Spring 2000
Bridges of the World Summer 2017
Censorship Winter 2007
Comedians Summer 2008
Comedy Writers Spring 2013
Con Artists & How They Did it Spring 2009
Cults Summer 2016
Famous Murders That Shocked the World Summer 2018
Food & Politics Winter 1996
Foods, Facts, & Fallacies Summer 1997
Great Comedians Winter 2018
Great Scams Fall 2011
Great Urban Parks of the World Fall 2018
Heroes and Heroines Summer 2012
Hoaxes & Urban Legends Winter 2005
Humor & Satire Spring 1993
Ins and Outs of Obsolescence Fall 2003
Is the Food & Agriculture Industry Controlling our Lives? Winter 2011
ISMs Spring 2007
L.A Noir: Infamous Los Angeles Murder Cases Fall 2016
Medieval Menus Winter 1992
More Than the A, B, Cs: The Evolution of the Alphabet Winter 2015
Myths and Legends Spring 2012
National Park System Summer 2017
Next 100 Years Spring 2010
Olympics Spring 2001
Our Technological Future Fall 2010
Reading Books by Live Sage Authors Summer 2011
Seeds of Change Summer 1993
Spices: What Are Their Stories? Fall 2015
Spies and Spy Rings Winter 2013
Superstitions Winter 1988
TED Talks Winter 2017
TED Talks Spring 2018
They All Laughed Spring 2001
Thieves, Cheats, & Swindlers Winter 1991
Towards 2001 Summer 1990
Towards the Year 2020 Spring 1991
Tragedy of the Commons: Individual Action/Collective Disaster Winter 2013
Vital Commodities Spring 2018
What Makes a Genius? Spring 2003
What the Futurists are Saying Fall 2006
Whistleblowers Spring 2006
Witchcraft, Wicca, and Witch Crazes Summer 2016
Witchcraft, Wicca, and Witch Crazes Summer 2017
Wines of the World Fall 2014
Women of the Wild West Winter 2018
World Famous Chefs Fall 2014
World of Tomorrow Spring 2003
World's Greatest Mysteries Winter 2018
Yellow Journalism and Faux News: Do you know it when you see it? Summer 2017


20th Century Composers Summer 2009
American Composers Summer 2009
American Folk Music Spring 2015
American Musicals Summer 2004
American Songs and Songwriters Summer 2017
Beethoven Spring 1998
Beethoven Winter 2001
Beethoven: The 9 Symphonies Spring 2014
Best of the Big Bands Spring 2017
Big Band Years Winter 2010
Blues and the African American Experience Winter 2017
Bob Dylan: His Music and Poetry Summer 2018
Broadway Musicals Winter 2005
Broadway Musicals In Film Summer 2003
Broadway Musicals in Film Summer 2001
Chamber Music Winter 2006
Choral Music Fall 2008
Classical Composers Winter 2009
Classical Pianists Spring 2007
Classical Violinists Winter 2007
Dance in All Its Splendor Spring 2009
Famous Conductors Spring 2006
History of Concertos for Stringed Instruments Spring 2005
History of Opera Spring 2004
History of the Piano Concerto Fall 2004
J.S. Bach & his Music Winter 2004
Jazz Fall 2008
Jazz Divas Spring 2004
Jazz Game Changers Fall 2013
Jazz Piano Titans Spring 2011
Jerry Herman's Musicals Summer 2007
Let's Make Music Summer 2000
Mahler, Mahler, Mahler Winter 2010
Marriage of Figaro and Barber of Seville Winter 2018
Mozart Winter 2000
Mozart Mid-Summer Serenades Summer 2013
Mozart Operas: Cosi Fan Tutte and The Abduction From the Seraglio Fall 2012
Mozart's Piano Concertos Fall 2014
Mozart's The Magic Flute Summer 2011
Music as a medium for humor Summer 2017
Musicals Spring 2008
Rock 'n Roll and American Cultural History Summer 2015
Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Spring 2018
Schubert for the Spring Spring 2010
Senior's Guide to the Orchestra Fall 2006
Shakespeare & Verdi: Othello Winter 2014
Sondheim's Musicals Spring 2008
Summer Sondheim Spectacular Summer 1999
Symphonies Winter 2004
Unknown Beethoven Summer 2009
Wagner's Die Meistersinger Summer 2010
Women Vocalists From Bessie Smith to Madonna Summer 2018


20th Century Philosophers Winter 2001
Asian Religions Winter 2019
Ancient Greek Philosophy Spring 2008
Bible as History Winter 1993
Christianity Spring 2004
Christianity Winter 2004
Christ's Fractured Church Fall 2013
Current Philosophers Winter 2005
Dead Sea Scrolls Summer 2000
Dead Sea Scrolls Winter 2011
Ethics in Everyday Life Spring 2013
Existentialism Spring 1996
Exodus Summer 1995
Exploring Buddhism Winter 2014
Far Eastern Philosophy Winter 1993
Fundamental Philosophical Questions Winter 2011
Genesis Spring 1996
Great Theories of Mankind Winter 1991
Heroes, Heroines, and Legends of the Old Testament Winter 2016
Isaiah & Kings Fall 1997
Islam Spring 1995
Islam Winter 1989
Islam (Group A) Winter 2003
Islam (Group B) Winter 2003
Islamic Culture Around the World Winter 2007
Muslims: Islam -- What's the Truth? Winter 2013
Philosophers of the Enlightenment Spring 2012
Philosophers of the In-Between Centuries Fall 2010
Philosophers -- Their Pursuit of Wisdom, the Movements They Inspired, and Their Relevance Today Fall 2015
Popes Winter 1999
Popes of Rome Fall 2011
Psalms Fall 2011
Religion & Politics in the USA Spring 2010
Religion vs. Science Fall 2006
Rise of Fundamentalism Fall 2014
Spirituality Spring 1997
Spirituality Summer 1996
Spirituality Winter 1997
Talmud Spring 1998


Accidental Scientific Discoveries Fall 2015
Advances in Medicine Winter 2002
All Things Celestial Winter 2008
Alternative Medicine Winter 1998
Archeology Spring 1993
Archeology Summer 2004
Artificial Intelligene for Everyday People Summer 2016
Biomedical Ethics Fall 2002
Cosmology Fall 1991
Cutting Edge Communication Spring 2008
Darwin Fall 2009
Earthquakes & Volcanoes Winter 1996
Emerging Technologies Winter 2013
Energy Winter 2009
Engineering Feats Winter 2002
Engineering Marvels Around the World Spring 2013
Environmentalism Winter 2004
Epidemics Summer 1998
Evolution of the Automobile Fall 2016
Forensics: How Do We Catch the Bad Guys? Summer 2015
From The Moon to Mars Spring 2011
Frontiers of Science Fall 1999
Future in Medicine Spring 2013
Genetics Revisited Fall 2001
Geology Winter 1996
Golden Age of Radio Fall 1998
Great Inventions Fall 2009
Great Leaps Forward in Medical Science Winter 2005
Great Psychologists Spring 2007
Great Scientific Ideas That Changed the World Summer 2015
Health Issues of the 21st Century Fall 2016
History of Medicine Fall 1997
How Current Science is Changing our Lives Spring 2006
How Diseases Changed World History Summer 2016
How Technology Has Changed Medicine Spring 2012
Human Genetic Odyssey - Group I Fall 2011
Human Genetic Odyssey - Group II Fall 2011
Intelligent Design vs. Darwin Fall 2005
Internet Fall 1998
Internet Creations that Changed our Culture Fall 2009
Internet Surfing Discussion Group Winter 1999
Inventions That Changed the Course of History Spring 2007
Inventions That Changed the World in the 19th Century Fall 2013
Inventors & Inventions Winter 1997
Literary Scientists Summer 2006
Mavericks of Medicine Spring 2016
Medical Ethics Fall 1991
Medical Ethics Fall 1994
Medical Ethics Fall 1995
Medical Science Spring 2007
Mind-boggling Advances in Brain Research Winter 2010
Mind-boggling Advances in Brain Research -- Update Winter 2014
Modern Technology & Society Fall 1992
Mother Nature Winter 2006
Nature of the Earth: an introduction to Geology Fall 2017
Nanotechnology Spring 1998
Nobel Prize Winners in Science Fall 2000
Nobel Prize Women in Science Spring 2006
Ocean Ecology Fall 1996
Ocean Ecology Winter 1999
Our Energy Future Spring 2006
Paleoanthropology Fall 1998
Science & Psychology of the Brain Winter 2004
Scientific Advances Spring 1995
Scientists of the 19th Century Summer 2014
Scientists of the 20th Century Winter 2015
Semantics Spring 2002
Surfing the Internet 1999 Fall 1999
Surfing the Internet 2000 Fall 2000
Surfing the Internet 2003 Spring 2003
Technologies That Influenced Human Events Spring 1999
Technology & Medicine Spring 2017
Technology - Good or Bad? Summer 1996
Testimony of the Spade Winter 1994
Time Fall 1996
Trails of Evidence: How Forensic Science Works Spring 2017
Unsuspected Consequences of Technology on Civilization Spring 2014
Water Planet Fall 1998
What Hath the Internet Wrought? Winter 2007
What's the Story? Fall 2002


American Moguls - Group I Winter 2011
American Musicals Summer 2004
American Political Pundits Fall 2018
America's First Ladies: Loves, Lives, and Tears Fall 2017
America's Immigration Dilemma: Brain Gain or Drain? Spring 2013
And Then I (Athletes) - Their Lives After Their Fame Summer 2015
Ayn Rand and the Radical Right Winter 2016
Capitalism -- Problems and Remedies: What Would Adam Smith Think of It? Winter 2016
Central American Cultures Spring 1992
Charitable Foundations: An Inside Look Winter 2015
Communal Societies Summer 1998
Diet Wars Summer 2013
Dissenters & Provocateurs Summer 2001
Dynamic Dynasties Winter 2001
Dynamic Duos Winter 2017
Ethnic Prejudice Winter 1994
Etiquette Around the World Winter 2008
Even Deadlier (Sins) Summer 2014
Evolution of American Cartoons, Comic Strips, and Comic Books Fall 2014
Famous Manhunts Spring 2014
Federal Regulatory Agencies Fall 2004
First Ladies of the U. S. Winter 2010
Ghettos of the World Spring 2017
Great Cemeteries of the World Summer 2016
Great Libraries of the World Spring 2015
Great Museums of the World Spring 2006
Great Museums of the World Spring 2014
Great Photographers and Their Amazing Work Summer 2016
Guns, Germs, & Steel Spring 2005
Harlem Reaissance Summer 2014
He and She (Famous Couples) Fall 2000
History of the Women's Movement Fall 2004
Human Migration Fall 1996
Immigration to the U.S. A. Fall 2001
International Organizations Fall 2000
Jewish Experience in the U.S. Spring 1998
Jewish Immigration Winter 1997
Legendary Lifestyles: Myth or Reality Summer 2009
Marriage Customs Summer 1998
Melting Pot or Salad Bowl Fall 1993
Momentous 30s Fall 2016
Moral & Ethical Issues for the 21st Century Winter 1997
Muslims in America Winter 2011
One Percent: Who Are They? How Did They Get Here? Summer 2016
Our Favorite Feuds, Faceoffs, and Rivalries Winter 2017
PACS, Super PACS & Lobbyists - Do Everyday Citizens Have A Chance? Winter 2016
Peace Keepers Summer 2009
Pornography Fall 2013
Power of One in Addressing Social Problems Fall 2009
Propaganda Winter 2017
Ramifications of Change Fall 1997
Scandalous People Spring 2018
Search for Democracy Fall 2003
Sibling Rivalry Summer 2014
Social Darwinism Spring 2009
Sports Heroes and Scandals Winter 2011
Synergy: Power Couples Who Have Made History Winter 2019
Their Loss, Our Gain Fall 2002
Unique And Weird Museums Of The World Winter 2016
Upheavals, Protests, Strikes, and Demonstrations Summer 2015
Visionary Entrepreneurs Winter 2014
We All Have Roots -- Who Are We? Summer 2016
Whistle Blowers -- Good Guy, Bad Guy or Snitch? Fall 2018
Why They Came to America Spring 2009
Women with the Right Stuff Spring 2018
World's Oldest Profession Fall 2012


Academy Award doesn't go to Summer 2017
Academy Award Winners Fall 2013
Academy Awards Spring 2014
Academy Award Winning"Best Pictures" Fall 2014
Antony & Cleopatra & As You Like It Spring 2001
Ballet Summer 2011
Bio-Pic Films Spring 2011
Bio-Pic Films Winter 2007
Broadway Plays Summer 2018
Broadway Shows - Tony Awards Summer 2013
Courtroom Themes Summer 2006
Cultural Depiction in Films Summer 2011
Depiction of Homosexuality, HIV, and AIDS in Film Fall 2016
Do Movies Shape Our Politics or Vice Versa Spring 2017
Evolution of Great Film Directors: Woody Allen Winter 2013
Evolution of Two of Cinema's Greatest Directors Fall 2012
Film Noir Spring 2010
Film Noir Winter 2018
Films of Blake Edwards Fall 2018
Films of Stanley Kubrick Winter 2019
Films by Woody Allen Summer 2005
Films Depicting Special People Spring 2007
Films of Billy Wilder Winter 2018
Films of Ingmar Bergman Summer 2007
Films of Ingmar Bergman Summer 2009
Great Film Directors & Their Great Films Summer 2007
Greatest Movies of All Times Summer 2003
Greek Drama Winter 1994
Hamlet Spring 2008
Henry IV Part 2 & The Merry Wives of Windsor Fall 2005
Henry V & Henry VI Part 1 Spring 2004
Henry VI - Parts 2 & 3 Winter 2005
Historical & Shakespeare's Version of Kings Fall 1992
History According to Hollywood Fall 2001
History According to the Movies Spring 2013
History According to the Movies Summer 2015
Hitchcock Films Spring 2011
Ibsen, Shaw, & Wilde Spring 1993
King Lear & All's Well That Ends Well Fall 2009
King Lear & Twelfth Night Fall 2000
Macbeth & Cymbeline Spring 2007
Measure for Measure & King John Winter 2009
Mel Brooks Smmer 2014
Merchant of Venice & Marlowe's Jew of Malta Spring 2005
Movie Stars in the 20s and 30s Spring 2008
Movies & History Fall 2001
Movies & History Spring 2002
Movies & History Spring 2008
Movies & History Summer 1999
Movies & History Summer 2003
Movies About "Special" People Spring 2007
Movies Go to Court Summer 2006
Movies Go to Court Fall 2005
Much Ado About Nothing & Memorable Female Characters Fall 2009
Much Ado About Nothing & Memorable Female Characters Fall 2010
Music of American Musical Theater and Movies Spring 2017
Musicals Adapted from Shakespeare's Plays Spring 2002
Musicals of Broadway and American Musicals in Film Spring 2015
My All-Time Favorite Films Summer 2018
Oscar Losers Summer 2016
Outstanding Comedians Summer 2008
Plays & Films Based on Science Fall 2004
Pulitzer Plays & Playwrights Fall 1992
Race Relations in Films Winter 2009
Richard II Winter 2003
Richard III & Troilus & Cressida Fall 2003
Shakespeare's Middle Plays Summer 1997
Shakespeare's Most Bloody Victims Winter 1998
Sports Movies Summer 2012
Taming of the Shrew & Much Ado About Nothing Summer 1998
Tempest & Pericles Spring 2006
Two Directors Named Anderson Summer 2013
Understanding History through Films Spring 2008
Western Films Winter 2010
Woody Allen Movies -- Part Deux Summer 2006

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